About me

Hello! I’m Eliz, an Illustrator,Storyboard & Comic artist, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Graduated in Animation in 2014. I work as Storyboard Artist by day & Comic Artist by night. But looking to move into full time comics/editorial work.

My previous experience includes Character Design, Concept Art, Comic, Storyboard & Illustrations for different Animation Studios & Editorial around the world. These past 2 years I worked in the Animation industry for Disney.

I specially love doing comics,character design and book illustrations. I feel inspired by everything related to dark/gothic topics, scary/horror stories, alternative outfits, nature, history, halloween, cities, coffee shops, art supplies, synthwave, metal music, etc.

Clients include: Disney, Babidi-Bu Editorial, Red 5 comics, Warn Everyone comics,Non Stop tv, Amblagar Studio, Penguin random house, La sociedad Post,PES motion studio, Plenty tv , Bitt animation, among others.

Current work

October 2020 – Present – Comic Book Artist @ Red 5 comics

October 2020 – Present – Character Designer @ Warn Everyone Comics

June 2020 – Present – Storyboard Artist @ Amblagar Studio

》 You can download my full resume⬇⬇⬇⬇

》CONTACT: eliszill17@gmail.com 



-Radio Kermesse de miércoles – Festival de terror ‘Samiento Sangriento’ (min 04:00 – 07:30 ) in spanish only

-Interview for the Heroine’s journey Blog by Peter Kuster

Interview about my work by Florencia Fico (Spanish only)

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