Frequently Asked Questions

#What inspires you?

〉I feel inspired by everything related to dark/gothic topics, scary/horror stories, anything related to the supernatural world, gothic/alternative outfits, history, halloween, synthwave, metal music, and more. My perfect everything: creating horror/dark comics.

#How did you find your own drawing style?

〉By practicing everyday, by finding inspiration in other artists/music/aesthetics/etc. I suggest to find inspiration in different artists, not just one, because you will only be a copy of that artist. My suggestion is try not to copy them, but try to recreate what you like from those artists as your own, because if you just copy them, you will end up drawing the same. And that’s not really rewarding. Finding an art style It’s a long trip, you have to be very patient, and if you really love what you do, sooner or later, you will get your own art style.

#What are your favorite things/topics to draw?

〉Horror/Gothic/Dark stories & characters. Anything related to the supernatural world, I’m a big horror fan since I was a child.

#How long have you been working as a professional artist ?

〉During my last years at college ,I started doing personal commissions like most of artists ,then I did some freelance works for different clients/studios and I had the chance to do comic pages for independent publishing/small press. I think I started to work as a professional in 2016/2017, when I got to sign my first contracts to work on comics/illustrations and later I started to work for different animation studios and doing some illustrations for books.

#What are the most difficult parts/things for you to draw?

〉I’d say machines and vehicles…

#What device/s do you use for digital art?

〉Ipad Pro 12.9 2018 & Apple pencil – Wacom Cintiq HD13

#What softwares do you use for digital art?

〉Procreate, Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint and others

#How long have you been using Procreate? 

〉Since 2019

#What kind of music do you listen to?

〉I listen to metal/hard rock music since I was a kid, influenced by my dad. I love symphonic metal,power metal,heavy metal,and pretty much all the metal subgenres. I also love synthwave music (dark/horror/80s), gothic/dark rock, and movies/series/videogames OST.

#Do you listen to music/or what do you listen to while you are working?

〉I love listening to horror stories/podcasts,anything related to supernatural topics,dark/scary stories. I love horror. And sometimes I also put some background music (synthwave)

#How do you charge your art?

〉Well,it depends on several factors, how much time it takes for me to finish the piece,how the complexity is, what kind of commissioned artwork the client is looking for…

#How can I support you?

〉 You can Support me by Sharing my artwork on Social Media (Reshares-Reposts-Retweets – with credits only), Following me on all my social networks, By subscribing to my CHANNEL & Buying in my SHOPS

#Can I repost your artwork?

〉I prefer Reshares instead of reposting. I allow reposts only with credits, by tagging me, my name and link to my Instagram page should be in the first line of your post, not at the end.

#Can I make fanart of your work?

〉Yes,you can ! please tag me if you do. I’d love to see it.

#Do you sell original artwork?

〉Yes I do, you can always ask me about this or you can write me directly at

#Where can I buy artwork from you (like prints,products, etc) ?

〉You can buy products/prints of my artwork through these websites:

Society6 (For products ing eneral)

InPrnt (For prints mostly)

Gumroad (For digital artworks)

#Do you accept collaborations?

〉I do. If you are a company/have a business and you would like to do a collaboration with me,please write me at

#Do you take personal commissions?

〉I usually do, when I open my commission list I will notify about it on my social networks. Please,stay tuned! At the moment I’m accepting commercial work/client work/brand collaborations only.