Frequently Asked Questions

#What inspires you?

◾I feel inspired by Spooky/Gothic stories & characters. Anything related to the Paranormal/supernatural world. And also I love to take inspiration from halloween, autumn, metal music, history and more. it’s a combination of things I love.

#How to find an artstyle? #How did you find your own drawing style?
  • By practicing everyday, by finding inspiration in other artists/music/aesthetics/etc.
  • I suggest to find inspiration in different artists/illustrators, not just in one Artist, because you will only be a copy of that artist. And that makes most of artists uncomfortable and it’s very frustrating because it takes years of work and efford to develop an art style. It doesn’t help you at all neither. Please, take that in consideration.
  • If you are a beginner/student, sure you can practice with another artists’ styles but if you want to post it on social media, it’s very appreciated/thoughtful if you tag/give credits to the artist you are referencing.
  • You can try to make your own version of what you like from those artists, not copying them, but finding inspiration from several art styles.
  • Finding an art style It’s a long trip, you have to be very patient, and if you really love what you do, sooner or later, you will get your own art style.
#How long have you been working as a professional artist ? How did you start your art journey?

◾During my last years at college ,I started doing personal commissions like most of artists ,then I did some freelance works for different clients/studios and I had the chance to do comic pages for independent publishing companies & small press. I started to work as a professional artist in 2016/2017, when I got to sign my first contracts to work in comics/illustrations and later I started to work for different animation studios and doing some illustrations for books.
◾For second question, I suggest you to watch my videos on my channel,I often talk about my art journey.

#What are your favorite things/topics to draw?

◾Spooky/Gothic stories & characters. All Halloween/autumn themes & Anything related to the paranormal/supernatural world.

#How can I support you?

◾I have a PATREON page. I would be super grateful if you join us 🖤

◾You can also subscribe to my Youtube channel: Elis Zill Art

◾You can always support me by following me on my social networks and bt sharing my artwork via Story Reshares on Instagram or Retweets on Twitter (I do not allow Reposts)

#What is Patreon?

◾Patreon is a platform where you can support your favorite artists. You just have to choose one Tier, see how much you want to pledge per month and what content you want to get in return

#How does Patreon work?

◾Choose one Tier See how much you want to pledge per month and What content you want to get in return

◾You can join, edit or cancel your pledge anytime ! You get access to all online content as soon as you join

◾Patreon charges when you join, and then charges on the 1st day of the following months. I recommend to join during the first days of the month

#Where can I buy artwork from you (like prints,products, etc) ?

Soon I will open my own shop,please stay tuned for that! 🙂

#Do you take personal commissions?

◾I do. Please write me at: for prices and examples .

I accept commercial work/client work/brand collaborations as well.

#Do you accept collaborations?

◾ Yes. If you are a company/have a business and you would like to do a collaboration with me,please write me at

#Do you sell original artwork?

◾ Yes I do, you can always ask me about this or you can write me directly at

#What device/s do you use for digital art?

◾Ipad Pro 12.9 & Apple pencil – Wacom Cintiq HD13