Cover Art for Publishing

Illustrations/cover art for book «Nada es lo que parece« published by BABIDI-BU EDITORIAL from Spain. I did 13 full color Illustrations + the cover art. I can only show these artwork examples.

Character illustrator for book «Secret society of dreaming heroes» visit website /The boy,the koala and the girl are illustrated by me. Backgrounds and other characters are made by different artists.

Cover Art I did for Thelema Publishing

I published myself an illustration book which contains my last illustrations with the topic «Dark Girls». If you want to see some of the illustrations,please see my GUIDES

Illustrations for book. Published by Autores Argentinos Editorial and written by Daniela Anselmo @brevesrelatos /// I did 33 illustrations (interiors)

Illustration I did for Supernatural Artbook. Published in 2017. It was part of a charity project. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-artbook-book-art#/     

Comic Work I did for «Clones y Laberintos» comic compilation of various artists. Published in 2013 by «La Duendes» Editorial. It’s a 3 pages comic

I did a 1 page comic for «Malvinas Comic Book»,tribute to fallen soldiers.
Published in 2012 by «La Duendes» Editorial.