Editorial – Published work

Illustrations/cover art for book «Nada es lo que parece» published by BABIDI-BU EDITORIAL from Spain. I did 13 full color Illustrations + the cover art. I can only show these artwork examples.

Character illustrator for book «Secret society of dreaming heroes» visit website /The boy,the koala and the girl are illustrated by me. Backgrounds and other characters are made by different artists.

Cover Art I did for Thelema Editorial

I published myself an illustration book which contains several illustrations of mine «Dark Girls» Artbook

Illustrations for book. Published by Autores Argentinos Editorial and written by Daniela Anselmo @brevesrelatos /// I did 33 illustrations (interiors)

Illustration I did for Supernatural Artbook. Published in 2017. It was part of a charity project. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-artbook-book-art#/

Comic Work I did for «Clones y Laberintos» comic compilation of various artists. Published in 2013 by «La Duendes» Editorial. It’s a 3 pages comic

Comic page I did for «Malvinas» comic compilation of various artists. Published in 2012 by «La Duendes» Editorial

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